• Swedish Deeptissue
  • Shaitsui dry massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Hotstone with whole body massage Filipino
  • Traditional Massage/Hilot
  • Foot reflex 30mins
  • Hand reflex 30mins
  • Back massage
  • Cuppings with massage
  • Massage with body scub 1 and half hour

Before the massage

  • Avoid drinking alcohol to maximize and enjoy the benefit of massage.
  • Avoid eating heavy meals at least 3 hrs before the massage treatment
  • Take a shower before massage appointment to feel relaxed .


  • How do i book?

Simply just call or message me, if  I cannot answer your call it’s because I’m not talking over the  phone while doing massage treatment, please do not hesitate to message me.

  • Sexual or sensual massage services?

I’m not offering  any sexual service or extra im doing professional treatment, please be respect.

  • Which location/area in England for outcall massage?

Any area but it depends how far that came from my office, and I will charge for travelled time and fuel.

  • Do you have facilities to take a shower for incall massage?

I provide shower facilities but for body scrub treatment only.